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The planning process continues!

By March 19, 2020March 31st, 2020News

The Delaware Together process is moving forward with two key economic studies that will help to guide the plan’s recommendations: a Residential Market Analysis and a Southwest Industrial Area Opportunities Assessment.

The Residential Market Analysis will inform future land use planning, especially within several key Focus Areas of the City. It recognizes that housing demand is projected to continue to increase in the City and the region in the upcoming decades and questions around housing choice and affordability will be paramount. The analysis also supports economic development objectives, as housing is a key issue impacting the city’s overall competitiveness for recruiting business. The Residential Market Analysis builds off of an assessment of existing housing conditions and overall market trends. It then forecasts the housing potential in the City and defines specific recommendations regarding where and what types of housing the City should encourage.

The Southwest Industrial Area Opportunities Assessment focuses on business and real estate development in the southwestern quadrant of the City. The competitiveness of southwest Delaware has changed over time as interstate highway access has attracted industrial development away from older highway corridors like U.S. Highway 42 West. That being said, Delaware’s growing airport and Sawmill Parkway provide opportunities for attracting businesses through higher-value environments and amenities. The Southwest Industrial Area Opportunities Assessment recommends strategies for building off of assets and capitalizing on regional and national trends to best position the area for the future.

The studies can be found at the following links on the Resources page.

Residential Market Analysis

Southwest Industrial Area Opportunities Assessment

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  • Russ Bender says:

    There needs to be affordable housing for seniors in the Delaware area. We moved here last year and had to take a 2 story home that is not senior friendly for later years. Also making it 200,000 and below. A condo community with a tornado safe room is a nice idea. Also a tiny home community might be a idea since there are very few.

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