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First round of engagement sets the process in motion

By November 12, 2018News

With five Focus on the Future workshops, online surveys and opportunities at other locations and events around the City (First Friday, the Delaware County Fair, YMCA, Mingo Park), the first round of engagement for Delaware Together was a success! We gathered over 1,300 unique comments with approximately 350 people participating.

Those who attended the Focus on the Future workshops were asked to answer the big question, “What are the greatest opportunities for the Delaware Community?” Additionally, attendees participated in an interactive mapping exercise within small groups, identifying strong and weak places in the City of Delaware. Those who missed the workshops were able to answer a survey and do the mapping activity through the Delaware Together website.

Hundreds of comments collected were themed to best see where the community shares core ideas about the future. You can check out what the Delaware community had to say through the Round 1 Engagement Report.

Engagement Results

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